Find the Shortest route from any location to more that 10 locations at once!



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ShortestRoute App For Who?


Do you have a lot of PLACES to visit and confused on how to go to round these places?
Do you operate a DELIVERY SERVICE SYSTEM and need to know the best ROUTE PATTERN?
Do you operate a TRANSPORT SYSTEM (school bus, staff bus etc.) that drops passengers at different locations?
Are you on a TRIP in an unknown city and need to know how to go round  TOURIST centers?
Are you TOURING the world or cities as a musician, band etc?
Are you CAMPAIGING in a country, city, continent or around the world?


ShortestRoute Mobile App is built to solve problems relating to these questions! I bet you never thought of it! Lol! ShortestRoute Mobile App solves all the problems of visiting different location, helping you sort them in the ORDER of where to visit first to save time, resources and energy.



Simple. So Easy To Use.

Oh! The ShortestRoute Mobile App is so easy to use. There are notification bars for every step for all who are new to the app. Click for full details on how to use the Mobile App.


Navigation. Move easily

Navigation made easy for everyone to move round the Mobile App effortlessly! Click for full details on how to Navigate ShortestRoute Mobile App.


ShortestRoute. About App

ShortestRoute was developed to solve Route Optimisation Problems Using the TSP (Travel SalesMan Problem) - Genetic Algorithm. Where the user start his journey at a point, visits different locations and returns back to same point he started. It   was developed as a M.Sc project in the Systems Engineering Department by Olajumoke Oduwole, Supervised by Dr. O.S Asaolu. Click for full details on ShortestRoute Mobile App.


ShortestRoute. Contact Us

Say Hello! You can contact us to know more information about ShortesRoute or make suggestions to us. Thank you! Click for full contact details.