About the ShortestRoute Mobile App



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About the ShortestRoute Mobile App


ShortestRoute was developed to solve Route Optimisation Problems Using the TSP (Travel SalesMan Problem) - Genetic Algorithm. Where the user start his journey at a point, visits different locations and returns back to same point he started. It   was developed as a M.Sc project in the Systems Engineering Department by Olajumoke Oduwole, Supervised by Dr. O.S Asaolu.

TSP is a well known challenging problem of time. A salesperson must visit a number of cities, passing through each city only once, beginning from one of the city that is the starting point and returns to it. This is why Travel Salesman Problem can be very complex to analyze particularly when it involves lot of locations.

However, ShortestRoute is able to solve these problems in seconds. The benefit eventually is reducing cost, time, resources and energy. You can imagine if you need to visit different places and have no idea how to go about your journey! Whew! That can be tiring!

So, generally ShortestRoute Mobile App naturally arises in many transportation and logistics applications for instance arranging school bus routes to pick up children, delivering newspapers around a city etc.

This is the first version of the Mobile App, there are plans to take it further including by costing, traffic updates, transportation system etc. We look forward to it and you should too!

We do hope that you find it useful for your routing!