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ShortestRoute App is available for andriod OS devices. Click to down load from Google Play Store

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Hello! Thanks for downloading the ShortestRoute Mobile App! It's pretty easy to use. But first let's look at the requirements for using the app and then we get right on to "How to Use".


To Start ShortestRoute App!

ShortestRoute Mobile app is only available for Android OS devices for now. It runs with Google Play Services, internet connection on device and GPS (optional, only when you require your current location). Kindly make sure all these services run on your device to make app function correctly.


ShortestRoute App can also take as many locations as required.


Open ShortestRoute App!

Once you open app, it checks if internet connection is ON, checks if GPS is ON and immediately gets your present location from GPS.

If not, it would ask that internet connection be activated. However, app can function without GPS but would not come on at all without internet connection.


Choose a Route Pattern

Choose Route Pattern

Route pattern helps the app know if the locations to visit are in a particular order or not.

ORDERED ROUTE: Click here to specify that your locations are in a particular order. The app finds the shortest distance between these locations at minimum time. For instance, you need to get to the gym first, then car wash, then the salon and then go back home. It is in a particular order.

UNORDERED ROUTE: Here, you have a list of locations to visit and you don't need particular order of visit but to get to all the locations at minimum distance with time. ShortestRoute App finds the shortest distance with time between these locations for you. Also shows you the order of the visit (we would look at it in the next three steps).


Next, Enter Addresses

Here you enter all your addresses/locations. Most addresses/locations all over the world are already stored. If you need to specify street name etc, go ahead. It would work just fine.


If you entered the wrong address, don't worry, continue. You can always delete addresses (we would discuss this in the next three steps).


Also, you can't enter address except you have chosen a route pattern from icon one.


Choose a Route Pattern

Then, Choose Starting Point

Starting point is the location your journey starts. ShortestRoute works such that your starting point is also your end point. ShortestRoute Mobile app needs you to choose a starting point. If not, it would automatically use "My Location" as your starting point if GPS is on or the first address entered if GPS is not on. If your present location is not where you want to start the journey, you need to choose another starting point from this icon by just clicking on the address.


KINDLY NOTE: You can also choose different starting points to see the difference in the distance and time.


Choose a Route Pattern

View All Locations

Here, you can view all locations you have entered.

For "Ordered Route",it shows you the order of your locations at your particular starting point.

For "Unordered Route", it shows you the order the app chose for you at a particular starting point.


Here, the address "My Location" appears at the beginning and at the end of the list. This is because the starting point is "My location" and then automatically ends at "My Location" from how the ShortestRoute Mobile App works.


You can also save the order of your locations on your device. View this action in the next two steps.

Delete Location(s)

Here, you can delete any location you don't need in the list of addresses you have inputed by just clicking on the address. Incase you also added a wrong address, you can delete it here. It would automatically show you the new distance with time.


KINDLY NOTE: You can delete all addresses at once. View this action in the next step

Choose a Route Pattern

The Menu Button ( For smaller devices, click on the menu button on your device)

Add "My Location": Incase you mistakenly deleted your location or you need it in your address list.

Save Route: To save Route Order for future Use in your SDCard or Phone Memory. Folder is titled "Saved ShortestRoute".

Clear all: To clear all the data and locations on the map.



Locations Points

Every points created on the map from the address list you have entered shows you the address and also the location order when you click on that point.


i.  Is the address of that point.

ii. Is the visit order of this address in all the address listed. Here, Location Point 3 means that this address is the 3rd location to visit in the list entered.