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ShortestRoute App is available for andriod OS devices. Click to down load from Google Play Store

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Thank you for using ShortestRoute Mobile App. Here, we described the different parameters used in the Shortest Route App. Don't worry, it's just really easy!


Location Points

The RED POINT shows the starting point. To know more about starting points, click here.

The BLUE POINTS show other locations.

The Icons and Tabs

i. Here are the top icons used for setting up your routes to get the shortest distances with time between all locations.


ii. When you click a location point on the map, the address and the location order is displayed. Here, Location Point 3 means that this address is the 3rd location to visit in the list entered.


iii This displays the distance and time to travel through all the locations.


The Bottom Buttons

The bottom buttons helps user to use, navigate and exit the app easily.


The Red lines

The red lines on the map show the route through all locations. The mobile app is designed such that it brings you back to your starting point. In this picture, you see double lines signifying the go and return pattern.


Address Bar

The Address bar shows you all your addresses including your location. It shows on the 3rd, 4th and 5th icon for different roles. Click here to know more.


You can delete any address by clicking on the address under the delete button or clear all addresses from the menu button. Click here to know more.

The Menu Button ( For smaller devices, click on the menu button on your device)

Add "My Location": Incase you mistakenly deleted your location or you need it in your address list.

Save Route:To save Route Order for future Use in your SDCard or Phone Memory. Folder is titled "Saved ShortestRoute".

Clear all: To clear all the data and locations on the map.